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What Can A Sex doll do ?

2021-03-09 Admin
Sex dolls are designed to sexually satisfy their users. Here are some of the ways they perform:

Be Your Sexual Partner
Sex dolls aren’t just an enhanced silicone sex toy. Some of today’s new sex dolls on the market actually went into development over 5 years ago because of the technology and precision that goes into creating something that recreates the sexual experience with a human. The mouth, vagina, and anus are made according to real women, and sex dolls have heating features, movement, moaning and chatting features that make it life-like.

Help You Explore a Fetish or Fantasy
If your husband or wife isn’t interested in helping you explore a fetish or fantasy you have, a sex doll is the perfect solution. Your sex doll will be 100% obedient and you’re free to explore your fantasies without needing to account for anyone else’s limitations or feelings. Plus, you can find sex dolls geared toward virtually any fantasy or fetish, from vampires to big-titted

Be Your Companion
With the latest in AI technology, your sex doll can offer the companionship you need after a divorce or if you live alone. You can have a say in the doll’s personality and customize a personality that best suits you. This can even add to its kink factor. If jealousy turns you on, or if shyness spices it up for you, you can choose those as programmable personality traits.

A deep learning-enabled sex doll like Harmony can offer an emotional connection by laughing at your jokes, remembering your likes and dislikes, and even know when you’re touching or holding its hand. With a built-in microphone that listens to what you say, it will learn who you are without ever judging you.

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